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Rang 3 agus 4

Programme of work for Third  and Fourth Class from the 30th   of March  to the 4th April 2020  
  • Here are some suggestions for school work this week. Adapt the work and quantity to suit your child.
  • Use the homework copies and date the work each day.
  • Incorporate regular movement breaks while doing work.
  • Bua na Cainte   Read 192- Déan cárta Cásca. Scríobh teachtaireacht ar an gcárta (-make an Easter card and write an Easter greeting on the card in Irish).
  • Read page 193, 194
  • Bua na Cainte 4 resources available online
Username:  primaryedcobooks       Password: edco2020
  • Listening Skills– Look at TG4 for a while between 3:30-4:30 each day
  • Small World   Read Unit 13   Life in Norman Ireland –
  • Write 5 facts in your homework copy that you learned from Unit 13.
Maths          Kitchen Maths
  • Pick 10 food items in your kitchen and do the following
  1. Arrange by shape
  2. Arrange from tallest to smallest- write down the height of tallest and smallest item
  3. Arrange from heaviest to lightest- write down the weight of heaviest and lightest item
  4. Find the total weight of the heaviest and lightest item.
  5. Find the difference between the heaviest and lightest item
  6. Arrange in order based on the date on the items
  7. Make up your own maths questions based on the items in your kitchen.
  • Spell Well – Week 29 – All activities
  • Starlight – Read the next unit (Unit 15) Answer A and C
  • Super Troopers- continue to the next week and adapt to suit being at home
  • 10@10 available online (as Gaeilge or in English) or on RTÉ player.
  • Nature Walk – Look for three flowers/ plants and learn the names as Gaeilge and in English
  • Project on a country (A short project- 2 pages maximum)
  • Use the following headings
  1. Flag, 2. Map 3. Cities, 4. Rivers, 5. Mountains, 6. Capital, 7. Population, 8. Languages, 9. Food, 10. Culture
  • Discussion – Holy Week
  • Online – Grow In Love 4     Password: growinlove
  • Look at the lessons based on Holy Week and Easter or discuss Holy Week and Easter at home.
  Go n-éirí libh! Gail Ní Shúilleabháin