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Rang 5 agus 6

  Programme of work for Fifth and Sixth Class from the 30th of March-3rd April 2020 –  
  • Please complete as much work as you can in your homework copies.-
  • Spell Well 6: Revision Week 8  All activities
  • Better English: Unit 12 p 49 -52
  • Writing : Write a book report on a novel you have read over the past few days under the following headings; Title, author, state whether the book was fiction or non fiction, name and describe the main character in this book, (or the main topic if its non fiction.) List three important events that happened in the story (or three important facts, if the book is non fiction.) Describe the setting of the book and what life lessons can be learned from this book. Would you recommend others to read this book and why?
  • Continue with
  • Continue practising your typing
  • Mental Maths: Do Week 27  Mon to Fri including Problem Solving
  • BAM: 5th Class Weight       135 Q.  a – j          p. 136 Q. 1-4             p. 137 Q.  1,2,3,4,5    a  b  c
  • BAM: 6th Class Directed Numbers 120 Q.1-7          p.121 Q.1-13
  • Grow in Love Choose the Fruit of the Holy Spirit that you feel is most important to you (p.108 Grow in Love)
  • Write a paragraph about how you will try to show this fruit in action over the coming days and weeks ahead. Use pictures or symbols to illustrate your ideas.
  • Am Don Léamh: Léigh an scéal ‘An Capall l.54 Cleachtaí A 1-6, B 1-6 C+D l.55
  • Geography: Continue with the project on a country
  • History: Chose a person in history that inspires you. Do a project on this person under the following headings; (Use the internet to help you.) Date of birth, place of birth, early life, personal/family life, why this person became famous, works or deeds he did. (Choose one important work or deed he/she did and write about it.) Write about his/her final years and their death (if they have passed away.) Include drawings, pictures/sketches.
  • Super Troopers page 9. Adapt the activities to suit being at home
  • Draw an Easter picture or make an Easter garden at home.
  • Continue to read a novel or extra books
  Coding Useful websites:
  • see drop down menu
  Other activities to do if you have time:
  • make a jigsaw, play cards and board games, watch something on TG4, colour in some mindful pictures, do some gardening, build something using lego or meccano (if have it)  or recycled materials (cereal boxes, egg cartons etc.) Read a story to your younger siblings. You could also cook some of Liz’s wonderful recipes.
  Enjoy and stay safe.